Spence Jr to finally get a crack at Brook?

Errol Spence Jr has waited a long time for this opportunity, but the signs are looking positive for him to finally get a crack at Kell Brook and the IBF welterweight belt.

Brook’s the king of facing his mandatories, but many questioned whether ”The Special One” would take on this hungry young lion of a mandatory, especially after what GGG did to him in London not so long ago.

Well, as you can see from the above, the Sheffield fighter is more than happy to face ”The Truth”, and the young Desota resident has no issues with coming over to the UK for his first World title shot.

Many in the boxing vicinity are convinced that Spence Jr is going to be the next big star in boxing, so a convincing win over Brook would go some way to proving those people right. The American is without doubt a very talented fighter, but there are still the usual question marks surrounding a young talent who has yet to face the top guys in his weight class. Can he take a shot? What’s his stamina like? How does he deal with adversity? These are just to name a few. We’ll definitely find out more about him.

There’s also a lot of interest as to how Brook looks after suffering from a broken eye socket at the hands of the vicious ”Triple G”. How will he react to getting hit the first time? Will he have flashbacks from that night at the O2 arena? Will his weight be a bigger problem now after the move up in weight in his last fight? Again, so many questions.

Things will become a lot clearer in the coming days, as to whether this fight will actually be confirmed, but if it is, it’s arguably the best matchup in the welterweight division. In fact, this writer believes that Brook-Spence Jr IS the best matchup to be made at 147 right now. Others will say Garcia-Thurman, but hey, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.

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