David “Lionheart” Leo claims victory on pro debut!


A mixed feeling of nerves and excitement ran through Leo’s body ahead of making his professional debut. As the time approached for him to make his way from the dressing room to the ring on fight night, he felt more of a sense of expectation; that all his hard work would pay off.

When you dedicate yourself to something and make sacrifices you are rewarded. Leo’s reward was having his hand raised as the winner after four rounds of boxing. His face was a picture of delight.

Leo’s debut was at the Colosseam in Watford on October 5. His opponent, 38-year-old, Graham Fearn, of York had a record of 5(1)-15-2 going into the contest. Fearn’s tricky style meant that he was tough to pin down. He used a lot of side-to-side movement on the backfoot and had a few tricks up his sleeve too.

Despite this, Leo cut off the ring very well and when he threw the overhand right it landed practically every time.
The Hertfordshire man’s confidence grew as the rounds passed by. He was moving his head constantly, stepping in with his jab much more (and his punches), and he showed better punch variety also.

Fearn was a perfect opponent for Leo to face on his debut. It was a great learning fight and he can take away penty of positives from his performance.

Leo already has a fan-friendly style, but he has promised so much more in his next fight; throwing bombs, solid combinations and non-stop pressure. He wants to make boxing great to watch and we certainly welcome that.